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With your ECOBICI membership you can get a bike and return it to the nearest bikestation on your arrival point. You can perform unlimited 45 minutes trips. Our service is available from 5:00 to 00:30 Monday to Sunday.

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About us.

The public bicycle system of Mexico City, has been adopted by residents and tourists, because the bicycle is the best option to travel short and medium distances. Currently, ECOBICI has more than 480 bike stations in three city delegations, as well as 6,700 bicycles.

Using ECOBICI is the ideal complement to other modes of transport, which contributes to improving the health of users, air quality, among others.

Since February 2010, ECOBICI has gradually evolved. Today, it has a system of electric bicycles for assisted pedalling, which allows users to travel longer distances, with less effort.

These bicycles are available throughout the polygon of the system, whose current extension is 38 km2 (23.6 Mi2).

Therefore, and more, ECOBICI is the intelligent way to move.

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10 Feb

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3 Feb

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